Eastern Cafe In Fairfax, Va: Chinese Food With A Bad Fortune Cookie

Under the leadership of executive chef Jennie Lorenzo, Fifth Floor has recently undergone a shift from fine French dining to a more approachable New American menu. The Manila native has worked under iconic chefs including Marco Pierre White of London’s Mirabelle who was the first British chef to earn three Michelin stars, “Hell’s Kitchen”‘s Gordon Ramsey, and Roland Passot of La Folie here in San Francisco. She also worked with Laurant Gras at Fifth Floor before opening Ame with Hiro Sone and Lissa Doumani. Prior to returning to Fifth Floor, Lorenzo worked at the two Michelin star Ryugin in Tokyo.

October 16th – Lee Tobin hosts a gluten-free cooking demonstration at Whole Foods from 6:30 – 8:30pm for $35 per person at the Alpharetta store on “Gluten Free Alternatives for the Holidays”. To sign-up for this best restaurant class visit their website.

Hawaii- The Loco Moco legend dates back all the way to 1949 and was put together by the owner of Hilo’s Lincoln Grill. This dish is made up of white rice, beef patties, gravy and other toppings of your choice. The beef patties range in around 32 grams of fat and the mushroom gravy has one ounce of fat. Along with the other toppings, the grams of fat vary. For instance, if you were to add on an egg, that would be an extra 10 ounces on top of the large amount of calories you are already taking in.

Ferran Adria worked his way to the top. Over the years, he has managed to build the best restaurant in the world. Of course, he did not become a culinary star overnight. He climbed his way up the culinary ladder. He started out as a mere dishwasher at Hotel Playafel Restaurant. Working in kitchens, however, eventually exposed him to the magical world of culinary arts. It was during this time as a dishwasher that he discovered his love for cooking. It was also during his stint as a dishwasher that he learned of classic cooking techniques. He worked at a couple of chinese restaurants in kl before he moved to Barcelona.

He food restaurant was constantly looked to for direction and guidance. His superiors would counsel with him to solicit his opinion on what to do in certain cases. Within a few weeks he was being looked at for a supervision position. He worked hard and he worked smart. This was my son; I was and am very, very proud of him.

“Cruisin’ on the Bayou” car show is held Monday’s between 6-9 pm, on Main St., “Downtown” Belleville, Michigan 48111. The location is just off I-94, west of I-275. Get off on Bellville Rd. and head south till you cross over the bridge into Downtown Belleville. Once you cross over the bridge, Belleville Rd. changes into Main St. Once you’re on Main St. you can’t miss the car show. The car show is subject to rain cancellation so you can call Dawn King @ (734)368-1110, or the Bayou Grille @ (734)697-2300 for updates. For more information about the show contact Dawn King @ (734)368-1110. If you enjoy the show like them on Facebook @ Crusin’ On The Bayou.

If we as consumers would redirect our buying power, it is possible for some of these companies to be saved. Many companies are cutting back on employee hours and restructuring to stay alive while other larger companies are closing stores to cut back expenses. While I do not like to see a Starbucks store go under, I have 6 Starbucks locations within a two mile radius of my home- it is unnecessary! I would rather go to Krispy Kreme to buy a coffee (and donut) versus going to one of the Starbucks because if my money is going to be spent, I would much rather spend it on a product that might not be around for me to purchase at a later date. You do have the power to make a difference.